VirtualTablet 3.0 Release

  • Finally, USB connection support added in Android app!
  • Android users can draw with finger, even though a device doesn’t support S-Pen.

Handwriting recognition support added for Mac users

Pen Pressure Support on Photoshop

Finally, we provide pressure sensitive drawing experience on Adobe Products with VirtualTablet. You can find more information here.

What’s new in App v2.1

Draw Mirroring feature added
VirtualTablet Mirroring

What’s new in v2.0

Beautiful & intuitive UI
Reduced Input delay (Network optimized)
Bluetooth connection supports

Supported Devices

If you want to find out your device is supported, please refer following link.
See List

Cursor Mode

Support pen & mouse mode

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Full Pen Functionality

Support all input style which can be done with stylus.
(In-range movement, Barrel button, Eraser tip, and etc.)

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Easy Setup

Connect wirelessly with WiFi or Bluetooth

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Support Windows/Mac. Draw with pressure in any platforms

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