Client Applications (for Tablets)

Download VirtualTablet for Windows Store App(Metro style)

Download VirtualTablet for Android

Download VirtualTablet for Android Free version(with Ad)

Server Applications (for PC)

Please note that v3.0 server is not complatible with v2.x Apps. Update your Android/Windows Store app to most recent version. (The version number of a client and server do not need to be the same if they are most recent respectively.)

VirtualTablet Server application has auto update feature. However, if you run into any problem with auto update, please uninstall the existing application and download the most recent version from here.

VirtualTablet Server for Windows

VirtualTablet Server for Mac

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  4. I have lite version working between note 10. 1 and my pc windows 10 but I was hoping I would able to use sketchbook on my note 10.1 and also see it working on my pc monitor. Am I expecting too much or is this possible? Is it something I would get from purchasing the full version? I hope someone can advise