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Q. Which devices are supported by VirtualTablet?

Please refer to this page

Q. By any chance VirtualTablet will support Windows XP/Vista in the future?

We’re very sorry but no. Windows XP/Vista use the different device driver, so we have to develop separately from the scratch and we don’t have much resources to support it currently. Please upgrade your OS.

Notice: Please read recent FAQ and following pages before post any questions.

Thank you!

794 Responses to “Q&A”

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  2. Jalen Burke January 13, 2017 at %H:%M #

    I tried to use an LG GPad 7.0 but it continuously says connection error even when I use USB with USB debugging on. What is happening?

  3. Gonçalo Dias January 15, 2017 at %H:%M #

    Hi there, good job! The software looks awesome! But why it don’t has a Linux version? I know a lot of artists that love Linux, and it has some distribution specific to artists too, like Ubuntu Studio.
    I hope I can use this on my prefer OS someday. :- )

  4. Myname January 16, 2017 at %H:%M #


    This software worked when I was in trial mode. Decided to purchase it yesterday and now all I get is “unable to connect”.

    I’m using a Surface pro 3 with Windows 10 installed and the server is running on a Windows 10 machine. Both devices have the latest updates installed. The Windows machine with the server application also has the latest .net framework installed.

    Have checked Windows firewall on both machines and found no problems there.

    At the top it mentions “receiving information from the license server… you can buy the full app for 3.99 euro”. Clicking on buy changes the “you can buy” text to “you already bought this app and have a fully-licensed version”.

    When I click on connect, it always says “unable to connect device”. Can see a different error message for a split second. Something like “asynchronous operations are not supported by this transport”. Had to create a video to see what it said.

    Have installed the server application on another Windows 10 machine. The server application is recognized on both machines. It takes 1 sec for “unable to connect device” to appear and the other error message isn’t shown at all.

    Have read that others are having the same problem after purchasing the application when reading the Windows store reviews. They also have this issue after purchasing it.

    Could you please help me to get this application working?

    • Matteo January 17, 2017 at %H:%M #

      Hi, I find myself in the same situation “Myname January 16, 2017 at 7:51 PM”, how do I fix?

    • SunnysideSoft January 18, 2017 at %H:%M #

      Sorry for the late response.
      This issue has been fixed. Please update the app from the Windows Store.

      • Matt February 5, 2017 at %H:%M #

        This has not been fixed because I am having the same issue, and I just bought and downloaded everything in the last hour of today (2-4-17)!

  5. William January 17, 2017 at %H:%M #

    Customer support for this product is a non existent joke. People have had the same Issue with this update since it’s release and nothing useful from Sunnyside.

    • SunnysideSoft January 18, 2017 at %H:%M #

      Hi William,

      We’re really sorry for the late response.
      We are planning to create forum to have more organized customer support soon. Before that, we will be monitoring this page more often.

      Thank you very much for using our software.

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  8. One japanese January 24, 2017 at %H:%M #

    “TrojanDropper.Daws.gpp” was detected from “VirtualTabletServer-v3-setup.exe” downloaded from “http://www.sunnysidesoft.com/virtualtablet/download/” , is it true?
    I inspected with virustotal.

    • SunnysideSoft January 26, 2017 at %H:%M #

      Hi, we have done some research on why few anti-virus softwares said VirtualTablet server as malware.

      VirtualTablet server include virtual windows HID(Human Interface Device) driver to emulate the pen input from a tablet. We found that some anti-virus softwares misdiagnose virtual HID driver as malware because “driver” can do the bad things on the system. However, we assure you that VirtualTablet HID driver is used only for emulating input from a connected tablet and does not do anything other than that.

      So you can ignore the warning from anti-virus software.

      Thank you for your report and if our explanation is still unclear for you, let us know anytime.

  9. Kuotee January 25, 2017 at %H:%M #

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  10. Jakenzag January 31, 2017 at %H:%M #

    Excellent post

  11. Chris February 3, 2017 at %H:%M #

    It just stop working the cursor won’t even move on the PC I tried unstalling and installing twice, still won’t work

  12. Matt February 5, 2017 at %H:%M #

    PC is connected via ethernet, I am connected to router via wifi on surface 3. Have server running on pc. Can’t connect through virtual tablet on surface 3…even have manually typing in server ip. Says, unable to connect device.

  13. Marcelo February 5, 2017 at %H:%M #

    I purchased virtual tablet from play store and installed on my android device.
    I also downloaded the virtual tablet server from your site and installed on my Windows 8 Pro X64.
    The problem is when I try to launch the server on my PC, the server tray icon appear and disappear, i. e, the program start and end immediately every time that I try to run it. I cant run the server on my PC.
    I have all framework installed and allow the server in the firewall.
    Can you help me please ?

  14. Andrew February 7, 2017 at %H:%M #

    This works really good with my Galaxy Tab, however… wouldn’t it be possible to implement a few “virtual buttons”?

    It would be nice to be able to access basic commands such as ctrl+Z or simple hot keys to access different tools.

    Would gladly use it with these simple additions.

    Great work

  15. Dakota February 8, 2017 at %H:%M #

    I’m using a Surface Pro (first gen) running Windows 10 Pro. My desktop is also Windows 10, hardwired to the internet and has Bluetooth capabilities. Would connecting both together over Bluetooth improve the connection stability, and if so would it even be possible?

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